Chemtest sponsoring ELQF 2018

Chemtest is delighted to be sponsoring the East Land Quality Forum (ELQF) on Tuesday 13th Feb 2018 -‘Ground Investigation: Can you dig it?’

Location: West Suffolk House, Western Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3YU

For the full Agenda please click here

Chemtest are proud to be presenting alongside Seed Environmental at this event.

Adrian Bhreathnach from Seed Environmental and Amy Parekh-Pross from Chemtest will be delivering a presentation entitled ‘…this time  it’s PERSONAL; responding to and remediating hydrocarbon contamination within and beneath the place we call home.’

 This is a multi-stakeholder case study relating to an early 19th century Norfolk Farmhouse where the “custodian” requires every drop of oil to be removed.’

For further details on the event, follow this link

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A number of different publications and standards cite sulphate methods. BR279 (1995) has largely been superseded by analytical procedures as detailed in TRL 447 and BRE Special Digest:1 2005 3rd Edition. In addition further reference may be made to BS EN 144-1:2009 + A1:2012 for the testing of aggregates and BS 1377:2018 for soils for civil engineering purposes.

Testing to meet the requirements of UKWIR Report Ref. No. 10/WM/03/21 Guidance for the selection of water supply pipes to be used in brownfield sites.

Testing & reporting is undertaken in accordance with BS 3882:2015 Specification for topsoil and BS 8601:2013 Specification for subsoil and requirements for use

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